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We had the final radiation treatment today. What a great bunch of dedicated, compassionate folks we have been dealing with. Now the healing process can continue unfettered.

Pain management continues to be an issue due to a misunderstanding of terminology – we hope. One of the medications was listed as being for ‘break through pain’. That was read as the pain that the long term meds can’t deal with. This has been being used before meals to allow swallowing – it didn’t work. The ‘break through pain meds’ are actually being used to gauge how much more long term pain meds I need. They add up all the additional doses of morphine that are needed to control the pain and then increase the long term by that amount. The short term/break through meds are a nasty, sickish sweet morphine compound so here’s hoping there is not a lot of it required. I have an idea the levels needed will get quite high. Fortunately our lives are arranged at this point that we need not be anywhere or do anything at any particular time with the exception of the doctors appointments.

We continue to rest in the plan our Lord has for us. Pain for a while, but leading somewhere for sure. We trust Him, and as much confidence as we have in the doctors and nurses, for they truly are a talented group, He is the ultimate Great Physician.


Posted February 10, 2009 by norwoodphotos

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