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Portland, Oregon   Leave a comment

Saturday was a day that just needed some photography so after the yard was taken care of I headed down to Portland. I met our daughter Amy and friend Steve for an evening of photography on the river.

And a pano –


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Blue Ribbon quality!   2 comments

My lovely, talented wife has just added to her array of art awards and ribbons with a 1st place blue ribbon in the Gresham, Oregon Eleventh Annual Juried Art Exhibition. The painting, The Anointing, can be seen during the remainder of the show at The City of Gresham Visual Arts Gallery, 1330 NW Eastman Pkwy, Gresham, Oregon between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Weekdays until May 29th 2008.

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East out of the rain   Leave a comment

One of our favorite places to walk and explore is Catherine Creek, about 5 miles east of Bingen, Washington. Not only is it a great place to wander in the wild (well, semi-wild) but it is just on the dry side by a bit (doesn’t get any where near as much rain as Vancouver). On the way out on Highway 14 we had to pass Cape Horn, another great place to just look. The clouds here will give you an idea of the weather we had at the start of the day. It was drier at Catherine Creek.

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Watch the background!   Leave a comment

Photography requires that you be constantly aware of the background. Strange things happen when your focus comes up to the subject and no further….nuff said.

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Olympic getaway   Leave a comment

Grammie needed some pictures from a National Park for an upcoming contest. The Olympic Penninsula was the only one we figured we could easily get to without snow tires and chains. (Since leaving norther NY 20 years ago we avoid snow at all costs). It was a typical North West March weekend – if all we had was black and white film no one would have noticed much. Rain, snow, clouds, rain, wind. Did I mention the rain? We stayed one night at a delightful bed and breakfast in Forks, Washington, the Miller Tree Inn. Our stay was delightful, our host and hostess were exceptional, and we got to meet some folks from France, Switzerland, and Texas. And according to them all the Miller Tree Inn is by far the best bed and breakfast in the country.

We did manage to get a couple of pictures with color in them. This first is from Kalaloch, Washington which is between Queets and Forks.

At the Miller Tree Inn we were told we should really check out the sunset at La Push. It was well worth the short trip.

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