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Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases. – Ps 115:3

On November 18, 2008 I was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer. A biopsy done on November 19, 2008 confirmed the diagnosis.

And so our adventure begins.

We have had a couple of appointments with Northwest Cancer Specialists already. The tumor is apparently on the right vocal chord and is causing hoarseness of voice and an ear ache. Indeed, my voice is nearly gone at this point. Generally the treatment for this cancer is radiation combined with chemo and is quite effective with a very high success rate. One of the doctors we are seeing at Northwest Cancer Specialists has scheduled me for an MRI this coming Thursday, December 11, 2008. It seems the CT scan of the neck did not clearly indicate if the cancer had gotten into the cartilage of the voice box. If it has the treatment will be changed to surgery. Every indication is that it has not but God is sovereign in these matters. It is left to us to discover and so we are waiting on the Lord. Indeed, Isaiah 14:24 says ‘The LORD of hosts has sworn: “As I have planned, so shall it be, and as I have purposed, so shall it stand,..”. While context matters, the truth is that the Lord is in charge of even this event and we can rest in that fact. Uneasy perhaps at times, but God is good. Both Beth and I would like this to be gone and behind us but more we desire to gain the strength of faith that is available through total reliance on a good and sovereign God.

One thing we will strive to do is not let this cancer become our life. I fully expect to recover but I also expect to totally lose my voice at some point in this treatment process. I will for that reason post updates below this page as our adventure unfolds.

Update 12/08/2008

Update 12/12/2008

Update 12/17/2008

Update 01/04/2009

Update 01/18/2009

Update 02/10/2009

Update 03/03/2009

Update 04/25/2009

Update 07/07/2009

Update 09/23/2009


Posted November 29, 2008 by norwoodphotos

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