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Tournament Time   Leave a comment

A soccer tournament snuck up on me but thanks to Teresa S. I got a schedule and managed a couple of games with more scheduled. Saturday the weather was OK but very sunny. This is actually quite difficult for photography due to the harsh shadows the sun creates. Sunday we got more into the typical northwest weather with some rain and the clouds that act like big softboxes. Well, perhaps more than some rain. More like a torrential downpour for most of the game. I was using my Canon 70-200/2.8 IS lens which sheds water pretty well but the camera was in a raincoat for the day. Everything stayed relatively dry – except me. But I did stay warm thanks in large part to the fancy wool shooter’s mittens Beth knit up for me. The full set of the weekend’s games is on my web site.

I know my Canon 20D handles higher ISO very well so I just went up to ISO 1600 to get adequate shutter speeds and shot the game. I generally stay right at f4.0 in Av mode and that was giving me action stopping shutter speeds in most cases. Post processing was done in Photoshop CS4 with the help of the Neat Image Pro plug-in for some noise removal.

Sunday’s game was the CW Fire vs. FC Edmonds Vipers, a couple of talented U18 teams. I thought we were going to have to bring out the SCUBA gear to get through this. You can see the rain here – all those little white specks…

Flying in the rain

A couple more under ‘better’ conditions?


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Dougan Falls   Leave a comment

We had a terrific Christmas with the family, lots of excited grandchildren. And all those children and grandchildren got together and presented us with a gift of a Garmin nuvi 265WT GPS navigator for the car. Beth and I love to explore the back roads and this gift is much appreciated. We’ve used a hand held Garmin eTrex Legend for several years now but it’s not really made for driving. So we finally managed to get out for a day of exploring with our new toy. Now we know exactly where Dougan Falls is – been there many times – but navigating to that point was, well, the point. It really wasn’t even a minor challenge for the Garmin. I did verify though that the mileage shown on the GPS is indeed road miles, a problem with the Legend as that reported ‘as the crow flies’ mileage.

The real challenge was the spur of the moment decision to leave Dougan Falls and come home by way of Yacolt. The Garmin assured us it was a mere 17.6 mile jaunt over the dirt road known as Road 1200 to the Yacolt City Hall. It was a snap, even after dark since we started that leg way too late on a January Sunday afternoon. Too dark for photos even but not too dark to marvel at the large bobcat that ran across the road in front of the car, or the herd of deer trying to cross the road. We found a couple of spots we will have to return to for photos of Mt. Hood and the Washougal River. Rather unique vantage points I think. The road though had many deep holes, filled with water to hide their real depth, large enough that they couldn’t be avoided, and frequent enough that the trip to Yacolt took over an hour.

So, a heartfelt Thank You! to our kids for their thoughtful, and very useful gift. It should provide us with many days of carefree wandering in heretofor unknown climes.

Despite the cold we did manage a few shots of Dougan Falls and will return for more once the weather warms a bit and before the water recedes. It was too dark to get a shot of the bobcat and the eagle soaring over head at the falls was out of range of my 16-35/2.8 lens.

For some perspective – that’s me down there next to the river….

Taking this shot…

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