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California sunsets   Leave a comment

It’s easy to see why so many folks live in California – the weather and scenery are beautiful. We went up the coast a bit from Santa Barbara to check out the sunset and Beth took this wonderful image. We don’t know who these kids are but they were positioned very nicely for the shot.


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California here we come…   Leave a comment

Had a mad rush to get the last wedding pictures done and up for viewing by the bride and groom before we took off for Santa Barbara for the Oil Painters of America Western Region Juried Exhibition and Small Painting Show. Beth was very excited about having been juried in (quite an accomplishment BTW) and the artist’s reception was last Saturday evening. We have been wanting to get down to see Yosemite – after school opened and traffic died down so we took a little drive. After Santa Barbara came Yosemite, then Bodie, then Eugene and home for a total of just a bit over 2000 miles. Lots of photos and interesting times that I’ll try to share over the next few days/weeks.

I’ll start out with this from Yosemite. I edit pictures based on how I feel about them rather than in any logical order. This one jumped out at me so here it is.

Half Dome

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