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There seems to be an increase in the number and variety of birds visiting our backyard feeders. Unfortunately the hummers seem to have found another food source but our resident chef is working on luring them back. I’ve been taking shots in the backyard as weather permits (I may have to invest in a waterproof housing for the camera). There seems to be a group of American Goldfinches enjoying the sunflower seeds of late.

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Leaving the nest   1 comment

I’ve been watching the drama of a couple of our local Robins as they raise their young and encourage them. They started with four. Somewhere along the line that was reduced to three. I managed to be in position when the last of those three got his final encouragement….

Who, me?

The final jump resulted in lots of motion (commotion?) and a semi-controlled drop to the bushes below. Everyone seemed fine after the ordeal. This little one was even spotted the next day wandering the yard in search of Mom or Dad. His flying skills are not really developed yet.

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Spring brings new life, even in the very wet northwest. Looking for something to photograph in this wet weather (between schedules on soccer) has been a challenge. Enter the bird nests. Two have been found and activity tracked. One with success, one with sadness.

A family of robins has built a nest in the evergreen just outside our laundry room window. Watching them grow has been amazing. I just wish I could do some pruning on their landscaping.

Sing for your supper!

But not every nesting endeavor succeeds The hummers I photographed on April 15th appear to have abandoned the nest. Monitoring by our daughter has not shown any signs of life.

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