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Fishing with the osprey   Leave a comment

Beth and I ended up at Horseshoe Lake, Woodland, Washington one day last week. The shore along the parking lot had quite a few fishermen relaxing in one of the very rare sunny days we’ve seen this year (not warm, but sunny). While shooting some skateboarders just off the parking lot I was surprised to see a large shadow pass over me. Recognizing it as a BIG BIRD I found there were a group (family?) of osprey also fishing. When I spotted one of them make a pass at a stringer of fish one of the fisherman had tethered near the shore I thought this had to be investigated. They are marvelous creatures to watch, all business. And with a mostly clear sky behind them impossible to resist.



I found the very rapid descent nearly impossible to track with the camera but will definitely get back for some practice. But after surfacing unsuccessful he shook the water off and took back to the air.



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Cannon Beach   Leave a comment

We made a quick trip to Cannon Beach last week and had the joy of bringing Fidget with us…. He weathered the ride over quite well with only a half dozen or so ‘Are we there yet?’ questions. When we finally got there and got the business taken care of (Beth was dropping off more paintings for the Whitebird Gallery) we went for walk on the beach. It was quite windy and not very warm but the sun was shining and that was terrific.

Fidget wanted a peek through the scope. Unfortunately it was full of water
Beth and FIdget

Beth caught Fidget with me walking down the beach.
Fidget and me

And the locals were out keeping an eye on things.



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