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We always post our best shots   1 comment

So here are some that almost made it (there are plenty on the cutting room floor). As with most of life, timing is everything.

You will have to come up with your own titles for these.


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More wet fun   Leave a comment

The wet weather seems to have arrived but that doesn’t deter soccer lovers. I was amazed at the dedication to the game. As a result of my confusion over the schedule the U-18 game wasn’t were I was Saturday morning. It was raining (with occasional lightning) and I was wet already from looking for the right game so I decided to photograph some younger players. These are the Division 4 Girls U-10. Everything was dampened down quite well but their spirits seemed bright and cheerful. Most of them were having fun.

Photographically they presented quite a challenge. The sky was so dark that I ended up at ISO 1600 just to get enough shutter speed to stop most of the action. Fortunately there is enough rain that any noise generated by that ISO is all but invisible.

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I still don’t know a lot about soccer but I do know it’s a real technical challenge to photograph. It moves fast, over a large area, with a subtlety that I never would have imagined. And as the season progresses the weather will deteriorate and it will become more of a challenge, both to play and photograph I would think. So I’ll continue to practice and learn. The best lens I have in the bag for the game so far is the Canon 70-200/2.8 IS. It’s a compromise, being a bit too long on the short end for up close work and not quite long enough on the long end for across the field work. Do they make a 35-400/2.8?

And some of the fans were just plain fierce……

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Woodland, Washington – all a board…   1 comment

OK, goofy title. But we had fun getting the pictures, and that’s where I’m at. Daughter Amy and I made a trip to the Woodland Skate Park to try our hand at skateboarding photography. Fun evening with some talented young folks doing some tricks that this balance-challenged photographer would not dream of trying. Skateboarding is interesting to photograph because you can generally get right up close to the action.

And something with a bit more color –

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