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Anthony and Tasia   Leave a comment

I was fortunate to photograph the wedding of this lovely couple last Saturday at Greater Portland Baptist Church. The weather was HOT but the church was cool and so were they. It was a great ceremony, a fun reception, and just a pleasure to photograph. When a couple looks this good it’s also easy. I have lots of photos to edit yet (3 photographers, nearly 900 photos) but here are a couple to whet the appetite.


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An ice cream odyssey with Living Water   Leave a comment

It was my first Living Water Community Church LN2 Ice Cream BBQ. The weather cleared, the temperature went up and the BBQ grill was lit.  Everyone had a terrific time and then the grand process began.  Ice cream is fairly easy.  You get some cream, some sugar, some flavoring and mix it all together in a tub surrounded by salted ice.  Did I mention you MIX it all together?  For quite a while you can be mixing it all together but the end result is an amazing flavor and texture of sweet creamy delight.

That was then.  This is now.  The entry may have been a bit over the top but the results appeared to be well received.  The photos are the LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen) Ice Cream team arriving at the BBQ. 

LN2 is somewhere around 300 degrees below zero and makes a fast, easy substitute for the old salted ice method. You just pour the LN2 into the bowl of ice cream ingredients, stir briskly and you have it, LN2 Ice Cream, every bit as tasty as the old fashioned homemade stuff.

And the mixing is accomplished by a select crew –

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