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It’s amazing how casual one gets about health when everything is going well. I should know better. But things are going amazingly well. During my last two visits with the doctors they have looked down the throat with scopes and say everything is looking completely normal. And the healing continues.

One minor problem has cropped up. For many years I have had a pinched nerve in the back that has been overcome by simple daily stretching exercises. Recently I’ve notice nerve tinglings down the tops of my legs when I tip my chin down. I thought I might have to get back in traction as the stretching wasn’t helping. I mentioned it to the doctor at the last visit and it turns out he thinks it may have been him and the radiation treatment. It’s not common but does happen that the radiation affects the outer layer of the nerve bundle in the neck causing my exact symptoms. Fortunately the doctor says it should go away over a month or two with no treatment needed.

And God deserves the glory for it all! He is good to us.


Posted July 7, 2009 by norwoodphotos

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