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It’s amazing how quickly time has slipped by and I haven’t updated this blog. Life just gets too busy sometimes. Photography has had to be set aside for a short spell to deal with more pressing matters but hopefully I can pick up the pace a bit again.

Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge continues to be one of my favorite shooting sites. With the migratory birds coming and going there always seems to be new opportunities but the old standbys are there too, the Great Blue Herons, the nutria, Norther Harrier Hawks (a real challenge) and of course the eagles.

Traffic at the refuge gets heavy and slow at times:

Morning Commuter Traffic

Some of the drivers were making pointed remarks about how out of place our Rav4 was:

And the overhead traffic was intense at times too. Tundra swans were in abundance, large and beautiful birds. All in all a busy place.

Tundra Swan

So if you get a chance give the refuge a visit. Minimal entry fee and they accept the National Parks Senior Pass. You don’t (can’t) even get out of your car on the tour so it’s an easy trip for nearly everyone. Bring your camera or at least a pair of binoculars.


Posted November 9, 2012 by norwoodphotos

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