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It has been too long without an update. The pain meds are indeed doing their job and we are in the process of reducing the amount needed. Evidently morphine can not be stopped but rather has to be tapered off. The dose has already been cut in half with no need for the ‘breakthrough pain’ medication. The taste of those alone has encouraged the slow decrease in dosage of the long term medication.

At any rate pain is being well managed, the voice is getting stronger and everything is rapidly improving. Yes, that is RAPIDLY improving. This is no doubt in large part attributable to the prayers of our brothers and sisters at Living Water Community Church.

As to the outcome of the treatment – we will not know for about a month, perhaps more. The doctors want to physically look (another tube down the throat) and the throat is far too red and raw from the radiation treatment to reveal anything definitive. In the mean time the doctor appointments are moving further apart with noticeable improvements between each. Again, we can not say enough about the folks at NW Cancer Specialists, just an outstanding group of caring professionals from the front desk to the deep recesses of the radiation treatment room.


Posted March 2, 2009 by norwoodphotos

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