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Wedding at Trout Lake   1 comment

Jessica and Jake were married in Trout Lake, Washington this past Saturday and we had the pleasure of being their photographers. The location was beautiful with Mt. Adams as the backdrop. We have been steadily going through the photos we took and I thought a couple of representative shots would be in order.

In this first one the bride is arriving in her country limo…

And the bride easily outshining Mt. Adams in the background…


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New Hummer showed up today!   Leave a comment

I’ve been cleaning up equipment from our wedding shoot this weekend. Ran down for another cup of coffee and noticed we had several hummers flitting around the deck. I set up a Canon EX wireless flash on the deck, one on the camera with the Canon 70-200/2.8. I was shooting through the rear window from our kitchen. These little guys are tough to catch.

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Orchards   Leave a comment

I had to run our car in for service early this AM. While waiting for the service department to finish up I wandered across the road to Orchards Park. I had brought some camera gear in anticipation of catching a great sunrise in the park but alas, it was not to be as the cloud cover caused it to just get light. No dramatic sunrise, no golden light. But I did manage to get this – I love the big trees in this park.

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The eyes have it…   Leave a comment

I’ve worn glasses since grade school. I don’t really need them – unless I want to see. At any rate, I went to get the eyes checked today and found that after 4 years the prescription has changed. Can you imagine that? There was a really neat new piece of equipment in the office, at least new to me – a digital imaging machine that replaces the dilation/examination process. And much to my surprise the camera being used is a Canon D60 DSLR. I got to talking to the doctor about it he asked if I would like a copy of the scans? Are you kidding? I’d love a copy of my eyeballs as seen by the D60. Here’s one (I have two, one from each side of my head).

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Grandchildren are interesting   Leave a comment

OK, we are truly blessed to have all six (soon to be seven) grandchildren living nearby. Yesterday Grammie did some babysitting and I stopped by to see how things were going. I think she should have sat on this one a bit harder…

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August already?   Leave a comment

I’ve been finishing up our last wedding and getting ready for the next later this month. I am really quite looking forward to this next one as it will be outside, beautiful setting and as I understand will be a military affair with the groom in dress uniform.

In the meantime I am practicing with the flash outside. I’m torn between the fun of shooting available light and the effect that can be achieved with flash in the sun. I took this early last Sunday morning (OK, early for me). The sun was up and bright. And I needed a picture of this couple for the church. Not a formal portrait but I really like the light. Canon 20D, 550EX flash on camera flip bracket, ISO 100, f8.0, 1/125.

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Note to playground designers…   Leave a comment

It doesn’t really have to be all that difficult.

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