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For all of you art lovers there is a great opportunity approaching. A local national award winning artist (also known as my sweet and talented wife) will be participating in Art in the Heart August 7th and 8th with a selection of her traditional paintings at 75% off retail. She will have a table set up outside Aurora Gallery, 1004 Main Street, Vancouver, Washington, Friday evening 5-9 and Saturday 10-4. This is a great opportunity to pick up some terrific artwork and also meet that sweet and talented wife of mine.


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I love small town America! The people are real and they know how to have fun. Not high-tech, electronic assisted fun, but rather the down to earth, belly-laughing fun that delights whole families. Such was yesterday in Camas, Washington, our home. A parade to rival Macy’s, shows to rival Broadway, and races to rival Indy. Well, at least in my eyes. I took a bunch of pictures of the fun and will be editing for a while, but here are a few examples. Visit my photo site,, for more. I’ll add more as they are ready.

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I have a long way to go on my technique but if fun is part of it then I’m all set. These little guys are a real challenge to capture. They move so fast and in such a seemingly random fashion that setting the camera on a tripod and waiting for one to come into view can be as effective as hand holding the camera and trying to track their gyrations. We are in the process of making some environmental changes to enable some better shooting so stay tuned.

These were both shot with my trusty Canon 70-200/2.8 IS on my 20D with a Canon 430EX flash providing some fill/highlight lighting.

Portland, Oregon – 07/03/2009   1 comment

I have always been a fan of night photography. Perhaps the stark contrast of the lights and the black or just the challenge of capturing it. This past week son Mark and I took a quick trip down to Portland to get some night photography practice. Not knowing what we would run into we decided on going minimalist, each taking just one camera body and one lens. I chose my 20D because of it’s low light performance and the Canon 16-35/2.8 zoom which is rapidly becoming my 2nd favorite lens. There were no camera bags, tripods or flash units. And we had a great time, a lot lower than normal keeper rate but a lot more fun. We will be planning some more of these quick trips for sure.

The sky bridge at the World Trade Center

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