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A working landscape   Leave a comment

We have our share of fog of late. Took a quick trip out to Vancouver Lake and swung around toward the port on the way home. This image is a 3 shot pano put together in Photoshop CS5. It reminded me of the AT-AT Walkers in Star Wars.


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Just a pretty picture?   Leave a comment

While many may consider this just another pretty picture of a pretty young lady, for the photographer in me it points out a couple of things of interest – at least to me.

The picture was taken with natural light, indoors, with a Canon 7D and a Tamron 28-75/2.8 lens, wide open.  Again, nothing unusual but what is amazing is that it was shot at ISO 3200.   Minimal post processing was done. Isn’t technology great?

Summer time and the living is easy…   Leave a comment

I’ve managed a couple of leisurely walks (with the camera of course) over the past few weeks. I once read that a true photographer could find a lifetime of picture material in just short walks from home and I believe it. All of these shots were taken in the immediate Camas/Washougal/Vancouver area.

A fine walk around the Curtain Creek area produced some interesting wildlife shots….

And then a short walk down Lacamas Heritage Trail…

And again out to Steigerwald Lake…

All shot with a Canon 7D and a Canon 70-200/2.8 IS w/Canon 2X extender.

More from these locations can be found on my site at Norwood Photos.

Leaving the nest   1 comment

I’ve been watching the drama of a couple of our local Robins as they raise their young and encourage them. They started with four. Somewhere along the line that was reduced to three. I managed to be in position when the last of those three got his final encouragement….

Who, me?

The final jump resulted in lots of motion (commotion?) and a semi-controlled drop to the bushes below. Everyone seemed fine after the ordeal. This little one was even spotted the next day wandering the yard in search of Mom or Dad. His flying skills are not really developed yet.

We always post our best shots   1 comment

So here are some that almost made it (there are plenty on the cutting room floor). As with most of life, timing is everything.

You will have to come up with your own titles for these.

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More wet fun   Leave a comment

The wet weather seems to have arrived but that doesn’t deter soccer lovers. I was amazed at the dedication to the game. As a result of my confusion over the schedule the U-18 game wasn’t were I was Saturday morning. It was raining (with occasional lightning) and I was wet already from looking for the right game so I decided to photograph some younger players. These are the Division 4 Girls U-10. Everything was dampened down quite well but their spirits seemed bright and cheerful. Most of them were having fun.

Photographically they presented quite a challenge. The sky was so dark that I ended up at ISO 1600 just to get enough shutter speed to stop most of the action. Fortunately there is enough rain that any noise generated by that ISO is all but invisible.

More images at Norwood Photos

Sometimes things just get weird   2 comments

Night wandering sometimes produces very strange results.

But things quickly get back to normal, the storm passes, and life resumes.

Interstate Bridge, Vancouver, WA