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Strange birds appearing   1 comment

Our backyard bird feeder, always a great source of viewing pleasure for us, has attracted a new type of bird…..

No less fun to watch but with a different level of appetite.


Damp around the edges   Leave a comment

Saturday’s soccer game was one of the more interesting so far. While the play was as good or better than usual the weather added a very interesting twist. It was cold and wet.

To say the least…

Did I mention it was wet?

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Ice Cream Socials – with liquid nitrogen   Leave a comment

A fun time last Sunday with our church, Living Water Community Church, at our annual liquid nitrogen ice cream social.

The liquid nitrogen is poured into the bowl of cream and sugar, freezing it –

Mixing the ice cream is about like churning ice cream – hard work –

Ice cream is great but adding toppings makes it greater. Let’s get this going guys –

A happy customer back for a refill –

The full gallery can be seen on my web site at Norwood Photos.

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A plug for the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge   Leave a comment

We’ve made two trips up to the River ‘S’ unit this week and continue to find it a peaceful and relaxing place to visit. The auto tour can provide some excellent photo ops and while watching a big old Great Blue Heron settle down in the sun yesterday we just turned off the car and sat in the quiet of wind, water, and birds. It is just an amazing place to contemplate this creation we have been put in and some of the critters we share it with.

A green heron practicing his karate kicks?

A GBH showing off his mammoth wings.

Reflections on lunch…

Perhaps a family get together?

A leisurely swim in the local pool (which appears to need some attention).

Bring some binoculars and/or a long lens for the camera. I find the sun best in the late afternoon (haven’t made it up there early in the morning yet).

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Summer time and the living is easy…   Leave a comment

I’ve managed a couple of leisurely walks (with the camera of course) over the past few weeks. I once read that a true photographer could find a lifetime of picture material in just short walks from home and I believe it. All of these shots were taken in the immediate Camas/Washougal/Vancouver area.

A fine walk around the Curtain Creek area produced some interesting wildlife shots….

And then a short walk down Lacamas Heritage Trail…

And again out to Steigerwald Lake…

All shot with a Canon 7D and a Canon 70-200/2.8 IS w/Canon 2X extender.

More from these locations can be found on my site at Norwood Photos.

Has summer come and gone?   Leave a comment

I’m afraid I missed it if it has……

We have made several trips out the Gorge lately – always a fun place to go. Our trips took us to Hood River, Oregon and after completing business there we wandered down to the water and found a Kite Surfing competition under way. Now this is a sport that looks wonderful but combines all the elements of speed, water, waves, and height that I am not real fond of. But photographing it was another story – great fun and a real challenge. It looks very much like being attached to a runaway kite next to a very big river in very high wind. And that is exactly what it is.

You go flat out – literally sometimes.

Some of the photographers are always looking for that unique angle.

The full gallery of shots can be found on my web site under Sports.

Leaving the nest   1 comment

I’ve been watching the drama of a couple of our local Robins as they raise their young and encourage them. They started with four. Somewhere along the line that was reduced to three. I managed to be in position when the last of those three got his final encouragement….

Who, me?

The final jump resulted in lots of motion (commotion?) and a semi-controlled drop to the bushes below. Everyone seemed fine after the ordeal. This little one was even spotted the next day wandering the yard in search of Mom or Dad. His flying skills are not really developed yet.