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I love small town America! The people are real and they know how to have fun. Not high-tech, electronic assisted fun, but rather the down to earth, belly-laughing fun that delights whole families. Such was yesterday in Camas, Washington, our home. A parade to rival Macy’s, shows to rival Broadway, and races to rival Indy. Well, at least in my eyes. I took a bunch of pictures of the fun and will be editing for a while, but here are a few examples. Visit my photo site,, for more. I’ll add more as they are ready.


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Bathtub races that is…

Camas Days in downtown Camas, WA. How much fun can you have with an old cast iron bathtub, some wheels, and a fire department willing to supply lots of water…and of course a crowd to cheer you on. The course was a slalom and that meant lots of water splashed.

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