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Last Saturday we had to jump the clocks another hour forward. I guess time isn’t moving fast enough for some.

With the coming of spring I have been getting a bit more time at the refuge with the camera and enjoying every moment of it. Our local refuge at Steigerwald is still closed due to fire damage (folks should really use thier ashtrays) with no date given to re-open so I’ll have to stick to the Ridgefield NWR, a bit further but quite a place. The critters there are always willing to pose a bit as long as you keep your distance. Sometimes that distance is more than I want but it is what it is. The Canon 70-200/2.8 IS being used has a Canon 2X extender on it which tends to soften the images a bit but not enough to justify another $1400 or so for a real Canon 400mm. Yet…

A tundra swan on the wing (and mighty large wings they are):

Tundra Swan - Ridgefield NWR

Mr. Wile E. is probably wishing that swan would get a bit closer too:

Wile E. Coyote - Ridgefield NWR


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