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Time is slipping away faster than the speed of light. Photography was set aside for a while to deal with more pressing matters but I am starting to get back at it. And what a fun start it has been at the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge. Migratory birds always add a new element to the place and the old standbys are still fun to watch and photograph. Yesterday even presented a bit of blue sky and sunshine, a rare event in the Pacific Northwest this time of year.

Be warned, traffic through the refuge can be heavy and slow at times:

Great Blue Heron

Commuters can get cranky too. Here one is making a pointed remark about how inappropriate he finds our RAV4:

GBH Portrait

Air traffic is always heavy at the refuge so don’t forget to keep looking up:

Tundra Swan

So if you get a chance to visit the refuge remember to relax, enjoy the ride, and bring your camera and binoculars. Entrance fees are minimal and they do honor the National Parks Senior Pass.


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