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Someone told me about a daily drawing on the internet. Every day gives one person one of everything they make. They make a neat little point of view camera. Wearable, high def video camera. So I’ve been faithfully entering the contest every day with a daily reminder set on my calendar. And finally my name was drawn. Sure enough, the gear arrived as advertised and I was amazed at the huge box of goodies. The camera does not really instill confidence that it is a serious video unit but a quick trip out to the yard dispelled that idea. It’s an amazing little unit, with a waterproof case good to 180 feet down and enough mounting options to satisfy anyone. They even sent a surfboard mounting unit! And to my amazement the camera does stills and time lapse too.

I played around with my new toy for a couple of weeks with an eye toward an upcoming event where I might put it to a good test – a white water rafting trip to Maupin, Oregon on the Deschutes River. Now there is no way I was going to get in a boat in white water – I shoot pictures from the shore – but I enlisted a great volunteer in Eric who was going to be guiding one of the rafts. Eric had a helmet and last Friday we mounted the camera (it came with a helmet mounting rig) and he set off with 6 teens in his raft headed down the Deschutes River. Cut to the chase – the camera performed flawlessly. With the included second battery pack it lasted the entire 3 or 4 hours on the river with a dump of a 16 gig SDHC card mid-trip. The camera was set to record HD video, 720p at 60 frames/second. A quick look at the results and I was convinced this camera is not a toy. It does an amazing job. While it is capable of full 1080p HD the memory used at that setting is beyond what I could deal with. As it was the trip resulted in 22+ gig of video. That’s a ton of data to edit in iMovie but I’m deep into it now.

Some sample output from the trip can be seen here – Deschutes Conga Line

And a shot of Eric hard at work shooting yet to be edited video – that’s him in the back of the raft:

Hopefully I’ll be posting more material from the HD Hero from


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