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This past weekend we celebrated our 40th year of marriage. It’s been an amazing time that has passed far too fast. We fully recognize and rejoice in the fact that God has enabled this time. And we look forward to what He has for us in the coming years.

I did a quick internet check as to what was a traditional gift for a 40th anniversary. Rubies! I checked several jewelry stores for ruby jewelry and quickly came to the conclusion that any ruby I could afford would be seen as a very small, barely visible reddish spot of color.

Another option was needed so….we took a trip. To Ruby Beach.


Posted July 15, 2008 by norwoodphotos in Uncategorized

2 responses to “Rubies…

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  1. Oh wow, it looks like a place I need to take the kids. Happy anniversary!

  2. Just “discovered” your work. You inspire me…in all ways. Nice tributes to nature, people, marriage and God. And you capture (and title) so perfectly and with a unique eye and laid back sense of humor. keep it up. I hope to hand down the craft to my kids if they so choose as you have done.

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